Lukas Kobela was born on 20 May 1987 in Bratislava, Slovakia. He is a composer of film/TV music as well as concert works.

After graduating from Private Secondary School of Animation at 2006, he later studied Mass-media Communication at the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius and received his master’s degree in 2011. Finally, he graduated in composition from The Bratislava Conservatory in 2017. He started playing piano at the age of 11. At that time he started making his first efforts at composition. He later taught himself to play guitar and began taking vocal lessons. His first orchestral compositions were made while studying at the University. A turning-point year was 2010, when he composed music for the project Hockey Heroes of Slovakia, which gained huge popularity. A couple months later he scored a student short film Perdition for The Los Angeles Film School. In the same year he got an offer to score his first feature film Lóve. Based on the movie ticket sales, it has become one of the most successful Slovak films of all time.

Between 2012-2017 he’d been composing music for a successful TV series Taste of Love (9 seasons / 706 episodes), while he studied composition with Mgr. art. Lubos Bernath, ArtD. at The Bratislava Conservatory. In 2013 he won The Slovak Conservatories Students Competition with his first string quartet. In 2015 he collaborated with a successful composer Michal Novinski on orchestration and music preparation of his score to feature film Wilson City, which was nominated for the Best Original Score (Czech Lion Award 2016). A similar collaboration between them took place in 2016 for the successful feature film The Teacher by a renowned director Jan Hrebejk. The score won the FICX Award (54. Gijon International Film Festival, Spain) and the Sun in a Net Award (Slovak National Film Award) for the Best Original Score. In the same year they joined with a composer Lubos Bernath and together began composing a score for the trilogy Secrets of the Carpathians. The first film of a trilogy called Life in the Clouds was premiered in December 2016, the second film The Immortal Forest in March 2017 and finally the third film The Living River in September 2017. At the same time he also collaborated on music preparation of Michal Novinski’s score to feature film Barefoot by an Oscar awarded director Jan Sverak, released in August 2017, and to a Polish feature film Plan B shortly after that.

At the turn of 2016/2017 he started a successful collaboration with his colleague from The Bratislava Conservatory Remo Klacansky, which so far led to scoring two TV series Kitchen and Mistresses, both launched on TV Markiza in March 2018. In the same year he collaborated again with Michal Novinski on orchestration and music preparation of his score to feature film Toman, which was nominated for the Best Original Score (Czech Lion Award 2018 and Sun in a Net Award 2018). A similar collaboration between them took place later that year for the Polish feature film Zabawa, zabawa. At the turn of 2018/2019 he composed music for official promo spot Faces of Hockey for 2019 IIHF World Championship and also for projection mapping on ice before each game.

In 2019 he got an offer to score his first foreign film, a Polish documentary thriller The Wind directed by Michał Bielawski. The film premiered at Visions Du Réel festival in Switzerland, followed by Krakow Film Festival screening as an opening movie. Since than the film appeared at various world class documentary festivals such as DOK Leipzig (Germany), where it won the MDR Film Prize, DOC NYC, Slamdance Film Festival, Salem Film Festival (USA), where it won the Best Editing Prize, DocsMX (Mexico), where it won an award in Human Latitudes competition program, Trieste Film Festival, Cervino CineMountain Film Festival (Italy), where it won the Montagnes du Monde Prize for the best international film. It was awarded at Ladek Mountain and Krakow Mountain festivals (Poland) as well. At Ji.hlava IDFF it got a special mention by the jury and appeared at Art Film Fest (Slovakia), Message2Man (Russia), FIPADOC (France), Thessaloniki International Film Festival (Greece), Trento Film Festival (Italy) and Innsbruck Nature Film Festival (Austria).

Since 2020 he’s been working on a Slovak TV series Teacher, based on the successful German TV series Der Lehrer, as a music supervisor/editor. Four very successful seasons of the series have aired so far. At the turn of 2021/2022 he followed up on previous successful collaborations with his colleague Remo Klacansky and scored TV series Stastni vs. Stastni, which aired on TV Markiza during the beginning of 2022. At that time he got and offer to collaborate on new TV series Saint Max as a music supervisor/editor. TV series premiered on TV Markiza in March 2022. In the autumn of 2022 he got an offer to collaborate on TV series Einstein, based on the successful German TV series. In 2023-2024 he collaborated on a Slovak adaptation of a successful British TV series Doctor Foster with a title Zrada.


Music for Film, TV and Multimedia:

  • 2023: Zrada (music supervisor/editor)
  • 2022: Einstein (music supervisor/editor)
  • 2022: The Winner (music preparation)
  • 2022: Saint Max (music supervisor/editor)
  • 2021: Stastni vs. Stastni (TV series)
  • 2021: The Tots (music preparation)
  • 2021: Beanie (orchestration, music preparation)
  • 2021: Zupa nic (music preparation)
  • 2020: Teacher (music supervisor/editor)
  • 2019: The Wind (documentary thriller)
  • 2018: Faces of Hockey (online spot, projection mapping)
  • 2018: Zabawa, zabawa (music preparation)
  • 2018: Toman (orchestration, music preparation)
  • 2018: Mistresses (TV series)
  • 2017: Plan B (music preparation)
  • 2017: Barefoot (music preparation)
  • 2017: Kitchen (TV series)
  • 2017: The Living River (documentary film)
  • 2017: The Immortal Forest (documentary film)
  • 2016: Life in the Clouds (documentary film)
  • 2016: The Teacher (orchestration, music preparation)
  • 2015: Wilson City (orchestration, music preparation)
  • 2013: Don’t Judge A Book (online spot)
  • 2012: Taste of Love (TV series)
  • 2011: Dreamy Poems (children’s poetry book)
  • 2011: Lóve (feature film)
  • 2010: Perdition (student short film)
  • 2010: Hockey Heroes of Slovakia (online project)


Concert Works:

  • 2017: Prelude and Fugue for Piano No. 1, Op. 15
  • 2017: Fugue for Violin, Cello and Piano No. 3, Op. 14
  • 2016: The Show Must Go On (Variation Rondo on a Theme by Queen), Op. 13
  • 2016: Fugue for Violin, Cello and Piano No. 2, Op. 12
  • 2016: Fugue for Violin, Cello and Piano No. 1, Op. 11
  • 2016: Concerto for Viola and Orchestra, Op. 10
  • 2015: Pod horou, pod horou (for SATB Choir), Op. 9
  • 2015: Omnia Sponte Fluant (for French Horn, Soprano and SATB Choir), Op. 8
  • 2015: Dicenda Sunt Omnia (for SATB Choir), Op. 7
  • 2014: Rocky Meets Beethoven (Variations for Sax, Violin and Piano), Op. 6
  • 2014: Song Cycle for Contralto and Bass, Op. 5
  • 2014: Rondo Eversum, Op. 4
  • 2013: Three Images (Suite for Bassoon, Viola and Cimbalom), Op. 3
  • 2013: String Quartet No. 1 in C minor, Op. 2
  • 2012: Four Preludes for Piano, Op. 1